A Rebel’s Handbook offers 21 simple and nonviolent strategies that can shake up our status quo in a monumental way.

The goal of these 21 disruptions is to 1) raise public awareness about pressing issues like climate change and inequality, 2) demonstrate that the simple forces of fun and laughter can be kryptonite for our formidable status quo and, 3) catalyze inclusive problem-solving towards a more sustainable future.

The handbook is not intended to create universal consensus, but rather, to provide critical thought and constructive dialogue. The handbook's three core sections are viewable by clicking each icon below:

Examines our status quo and its interrelationship with the often-opaque concept of capitalism. Part I focuses on issues like climate change and inequality to contextualize why we rebels seek social change. Time tip: if you are already versed in the problems we face today, feel free to skip to Part II.

Provides 21 strategies to disrupt our status quo and have fun in the process. Rooted in classic social change methodology, Part II walks through the "how-to" for each rebel tactic and explains why satire and humor can be so acutely disruptive to the assumptions that dictate our status quo.

Recaps our rebel past to help inform a conversation about where all this disrupting takes us. Part III concludes with the critical role that disruptive innovation can play to confront and solve the formidable challenges that we face.  

If your regime is not strong enough to handle a joke, then you have no regime.
— Jon Stewart

There are multiple viewing and printing options for A Rebel's Handbook to help ensure accessiblility. Please consider the environment before printing.